Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back From the Dead, Part Two.

I am horrible at keeping my promises, aren't I?

I apologize. Things here have been frightfully hectic over the past couple of months. School is back in session, work is... well, work, and I'm caught in between commuting to both. It'll be a bit easier starting next week (I've found a job closer to home, thank goodness), but I may be distant with you still, though I'll try my best to post some things I find interesting.

Unfortunately, my mind hasn't even been on banned books recently. I've found time to get halfway through Lolita, which I'll talk about in a post to come, but other than that, my well has run dry. I'm basically reading things that interest me, and have strayed from the list I so faithfully took down seven months ago. I'll get back to it, though, I promise. (Uh-oh...)

More to come shortly. Please don't stray too far.