Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Libraries...

Recently, I've been very interested in how libraries are viewed in our society. I realize now more than ever that my peers just aren't interested in reading- more on their Facebook pages and what's going down on the next episode of "Jersey Shore" than anything else. It's sad, but a veritable fact. Kids in my high school never wanted to read, either for school or on their own- they could find about a million "better" things to do, including stupid stunts or prank calls. Um. Fun. Even my brother thinks this way- at least, if you can believe his Facebook. He has books, but I don't think I've ever seen him touch them. It's a huge difference from me- I've been reading since the age of three, and remember being so excited as a little girl, when my mom would take me to the library every couple of weeks. It was she who instilled a love of reading in me, and for that I'm thankful.

Anyway, the fact is that kids (and people in general- even politicians) don't see the value of reading, and thus the value of libraries is also diminished. Meanwhile, there is much more to a library than just books- you can borrow movies there, you can use the Internet, and many libraries also hold documents about your neighborhood or city. Plus, it's a place where you can get stuff for free. All you have to do is return it on time. What could be better than that?

If you're interested in supporting libraries, check out this group on FB:!/group.php?gid=110609512299912

You'll find people just like you, who love libraries and what they offer to the communities they're in. If you can, stop politicians and the like from cutting funding to libraries. Go to your local library, donate books and use the institution all you can. It offers an entire world to you that would be very hard to discover otherwise, what with the expense of books and general indifference toward reading many people show nowadays.

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